The Best Luggage Rack with Shelf

The good luggage rack is perfect for the price point and does its job. we purchased this rack to get our luggage off the bedroom couch/bed in between trips. we especially like the shelf underneath which is where we store my work heels and purse. No assembly required and ships folded up in a slim, lightweight box. Feels nice to finally have a home for my stuff!

AmazonBasics-Luggage Rack Shelf Espresso


  • A smart solution for packing, unpacking and temporary luggage storage
  • Simple yet stylish wood frame design fits in well with most interiors
  • Features a main luggage shelf with nylon straps and secondary wood shelf for smaller items
  • Conveniently folds down after use for easy storage
  • Dimensions measure 26 inches in length, 17.75 inches in width and 20 inches tall

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Make Packing and Unpacking Easy: Convenience and understated style meet in the middle with the AmazonBasics Luggage Rack. Perfect for adding to your guest room or short-term rental property, this rack offers a sturdy frame with two shelves for placing suitcases and bags. Your visitors will appreciate the thoughtful touch, which keeps the room looking orderly and their luggage easy to access, pack and unpack.

AmazonBasics-Luggage Rack Shelf Espresso

Function Meets Style: This tasteful wood luggage rack is not only a handy item to have at your disposal, but it fits in beautifully with both traditional and modern home decor. Finished in rich espresso, it features two shelves — a main shelf constructed with durable nylon straps to effectively cradle bulky travel gear, and a slatted secondary shelf for shoes and smaller items.

Simple Storage and Assembly: Whether you’re using the luggage rack to pack for vacation or welcome out of town guests, it’s a breeze to set up and take down. Designed with a folding mechanism, the rack collapses to a flat position, making it easy to stash in a closet, behind a door or next to your dresser. Initial assembly requires no tools.

AmazonBasics-Luggage Rack Shelf Espresso-

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