Kids Smart Watches Buying Guide

Remote voice monitor

Some of these smartwatches come with unique features that allow one to listen to those sounds which emanate from microphones. Together with the camera, a parent can easily hear and see whatever is happening to their kid whenever they get some anxiety from their phones.

Action area

Just like with mobile phones, these smartwatches have a specific working area which one needs to consider before buying. Some of the models feature a touchscreen together with the GSM module not forgetting about Wi-Fi capabilities. This is going to allow one to locate their kids in areas with bad GPS reception.

Call and messaging features

The fact that these devices have been equipped with a microphone and speaker allows one to call their kids and also send some short messages just like is the case with phones. However, not all models have such capabilities but it is vital to check for such features prior to the purchase.

Top 10 Best Kids Smart Watches in 2019 Reviews

#10. DUIWOIM Kids Smart watch
#9. B.B.PAW Kids Smart Watch
#8. iGeeKid Smart Watch
#7. DUIWOM 1.44” Kids Smart Watch
#6. CYHT Kids Smart Watch
#5. Octopus Kids Smart Watch
#4. VTech Kids Smart Watch
#3. Ereon Kids Smart Watch
#2. Oltec Kids Smart Watch
#1. Fantasy Kids Smart Watch

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