Anti Fatigue Mat Buying Guide

How we chose mats to test

There are dozens of brands that have mats available but only a handful of established companies. We narrowed much of our list by leaning on Amazon’s popular products that were rated 4 stars or higher and filtered out any product with excessive negative reviews.

Some review sites we found helped us discover new brands we may have missed, but many of them have not actually tested the mats and just publish stock images and review specs of the products.

Standing hours

You might be asking yourself what this has to do with buying these mats. However, depending on the number of hours you will be standing, select a thick mat. If you will be standing on hard floors you need even a thicker mat.


The common materials used in the construction of these mats include foam, rubber, and even polyurethane. You need to ensure that the material you choose suits you in terms of comfort and safety. If you are allergic, go for the hypoallergenic materials.

Ease of cleaning

This is yet another factor you might want to consider when shopping for these mats. You do not need something which will give you a rough time when doing the purchase. Check to see whether the mats you will be purchasing are machine washable. If so, you can be assured of simple cleaning time.

Top 10 Best Anti Fatigue Mat in 2019 Reviews

10. GORILLA GRIP Anti-Fatigue Mat, Phthalate Free (Beige)
9. KANGAROO BRANDS Anti-Fatigue Mat, Non-Toxic and Waterproof (Hunter Green)
8. casa pura Anti Fatigue Mat, Non-Slip and Waterproof – Dark Brown
7. Sky Mat Anti Fatigue Mat, Ideal for Kitchens & Standing Desks (Light Brown)
6. Simple Being Anti-Fatigue Mat, Ergonomic and Non-Toxic design (Grey)
5. FLEXISPOT Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat w/ Massage Points, Black
4. FlexiSpot Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat, Midnight Black
3. Butterfly Anti-Fatigue Mat, Antique
2. AMCOMFY Anti Fatigue Mat, Antique Light
1. Ergohead Anti-Fatigue Mat, Ergonomically Engineered, Black

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